Mathematics - Pangarau

 The aim of mathematics is to develop students who use their mathematical knowledge and skills to enhance their participation and contribution in all aspects of their school life and beyond.

Principles of Pangarau - Mathematics Programme

  • Data is used to inform planning.
  • Differentiated programme that caters for individual needs based on JAM, IKAN, asTTle and PAT data. Teacher aide available to support the programme (as planned).
  • Provide a balanced mathematics programme (including number knowledge, strategy and strands) in the school-wide numeracy block from 9.15am to 10.15am daily, or as negotiated.
  • Using evidence based strategies from current research with Learning Intentions and Success Criteria displayed in classrooms.
  • Schoolwide targets will be based on the New Zealand Curriculum Mathematics Standards.


PANGARAU - MATHEMATICS After 1 year After 2 years After 3 years At the end of Yr 4 At the end of Yr 5 At the end of Yr 6 At the end of Yr 7 At the end of Yr 8
National Standard Expectation Early Level 1 At   Level 1 Early Level 2 At   Level 2 Early Level 3 At   Level 3 Early Level 4 At  Level 4
Stage S 2/3 S4 Beg S5 End S5 Stage 6 Stage 6 Stage 7 Stage 7



  • Assessment will be measured using:
    • e-asTTle / tests as necessary.
    • IKAN & JAM as necessary.
  • School Entry Assessment – JAM
  • Six Year Assessment – JAM 
  • Reporting against the National Standards will be undertaken twice yearly. 
  • A Mathematics Development Plan will outline the programme.