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Chromebook rules

Responsible use agreement:
  • I will respect the equipment (my device and power charger) by always looking after it and keeping it safe.
  • I will carry the device with two hands and not eat or drink while using it.
  • I will respect others by always using this device to interact with others in a kind, positive and helpful way.
  • I will make the most of this opportunity to learn lots of new things and to share these with others.
  • I will always be in the right place, at the right time when I am online. If in doubt I will ask my teacher or parent.  
  • I will not use social media like TikTok or Snapchat unless my teacher has specifically told me to.
  • I will protect my password and keep it completely secret.
  • I will log out when I am not using my device.
  • When I take my device home, I will keep it safe when I am not using it.
  • When I take my device home, I will make sure I bring it to school to use in the same condition that I was given it.
Whānau agreement:
  • I will not use the Chromebook for my personal use.
  • I will interact with my child’s learning in a kind, positive and helpful way.
  • I will support my child to use the device responsibly as outlined above.
  • I will work with my child to keep all equipment safe when it is at home and provide a secure place to store it and charge it.

I understand that if the device gets damaged or lost while in our care, we may be required to reimburse the school.