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Device FAQs

What if there’s a problem with the device my child is using?
If there is a technical problem with the device, get in touch with your teacher through SeeSaw or email. All the email addresses are on this page.  Between 3 and 6pm, you can contact Whaea Dagmar by email or Google Meet.

We asked for a device in the survey and it hasn’t arrived yet.  What should I do?
They are being prepared today and will be couriered. They should arrive with you later this week or early next week.  Do what you can with what you have but don’t stress about missing a few days.

I didn’t add it to the survey but I now know my child will need a device.  What should I do?
Contact your class teacher through SeeSaw or email. 

How can I make sure my child doesn’t access inappropriate content on their device?
Follow the instructions at www.switchonsafety.co.nz