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Local supermarket and school working together to create sustainability 

When Sylvia Park School got kunekune pigs, we wanted to have a sustainable feed supply. We decided to partner with our local supermarket, Pak'nSave, to take their vegetable waste and feed it to our pigs. By feeding it to our pigs, we are stopping it from going to landfill. As we use our local supermarket, we can walk to Pak'nSave and reduce our carbon footprint too. We want to live and breathe kaitiakitanga so taking care of our pigs sustainably is important to us.

Sylvia Park Pak'nSave working with Sylvia Park School to create sustainability in the community

Vegetable waste at Pak'nSave which is collected to feed kunekune pigs at Sylvia Park School

Sylvia Park School students walking back to school after collecting vegetable waste from Pak'nSave

Sylvia Park Enviro Warrior students feeding kunekune pigs the vegetable waste from Pak'nSave

Percy (left) and Hettie (right) enjoying their kai from Pak'nSave