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Health & Safety Guidelines - Hygiene at SPS

The basic standard hygiene measures will be fully implemented as per Ministry guidelines : • hand hygiene – that is, washing hands regularly with soap and water and drying well, or using hand sanitiser when soap and water aren’t available • coughing or sneezing into tissues or your elbow and then performing hand hygiene • cleaning surfaces regularly. 

SPS Connect

Kia ora e te Whānau o Sylvia Park School

We’ve had a great start to SPS Connect and are looking forward to getting even better as we go along.  Thank you for your patience, your positivity and the support you are giving your kids, our staff and each other.  He waka eke noa!

We are all in this together!

“Living your best life in your bubble”

We will be using Google Classroom and Seesaw for our distance learning which we are calling SPS Connect.  Our Inquiry statement for this is “Living your best life in your bubble”.  We are aiming to provide a mix of online and offline learning that can be done with as much student engagement and independence as possible. 

SPS Connect is now happening through a combination of Google Classroom, SeeSaw and Zoom. Students should be familiar with when and how to log in. If you have any problems with access to devices, logging on or any of the learning tasks, please contact your class teacher.
All classes will continue to meet live with their teachers at 9am on every school day. Here are some expectations around those live sessions so that we can all make the most of this time together.

SPS CONNECT Principles
Teaching and learning online has been a big shift in our usual practice. We have developed a set of principles to guide our practice:

  • Relevance - Learning about things that matter to them right now!
  • Empower the whanau as a key player in the learning process.
  • As manuhiri in the homes of our whanau we are respectful
  • Trusting and empowering the whanau as a key player in the learning process
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy remains at the heart of our connection with our students and whanau
  • Students lead learning
  • We prioritise the human condition (MASLOW vs BLOOMS)
  • Provision of synchronous / asynchronous learning opportunities / Creating a balance of on and offline engagement

Be kind to yourselves:
We understand that everyone’s mirumiru is working differently at this time.  Some whānau are working from home, some whānau are caring for dependents, there are a range of family sizes and ages.  Please have student’s complete as many or a little as the SPS Connect learning activities as they are capable of. Teachers are available to support ‘live’ between 9 and 9.30, 11 and 12, and 2 and 3 for any students requiring extra support.

We are all learning together:
We will be continuing to evolve our SPS Connect learning plans based on feedback from our students, teachers and whānau.  Please continue to connect with your child’s classroom teacher to share what is working really well for you and what you need further support with.

Your key contacts are:
Your first contact for learning is nearly always your child’s teacher.  You can contact them via SeeSaw, Google Hangouts during the contact times, or by email.

Shannon Swainston (Miss S)- If your child has been working with an outside agency (e.g. Hearing Nurse, Speech Language Therapist, SWiS, Resource Teachers) and you would like further support or information, please contact our Learning Support and Mutukaroa Coordinator, Shannon Swainston. Shannon can also help with food packages and wellbeing support. 

Esther Casey (Whaea Esther) - for help finding reading material and information for research

Dagmar Dyck (Whaea Dagmar) - for support with art

Tere Teei (Whaea Teri) - for support with science and technology

Extra support:

There are some excellent resources to help with your mental health on the new Getting Through Together website. 
For online safety and blocking inappropriate website content see https://switchonsafety.co.nz/
Home Learning TV / Papa Kāinga TV has educational programmes between 9 and 3pm.
There are lots of links for fun reading, competitions and extra things to do on the Te Puna Ngoi website 

We are at an exciting point in the story of education and we are all working to find the best ways to learn together in these challenging times.  We are using many tools and strategies the students are already familiar with but we are also trying lots of things in new ways. We will continually be seeing what works, what is a challenge and what is better than it has ever been before. We love that we have such a supportive community to be on this journey with us.  Please keep in touch about how it is going for you. 

He waka eke noa!
We are all in this together!

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