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Kia ora e te Whānau o Sylvia Park School

This update is to let you know how learning and teaching will work at SPS over the following days until we are all back on-site at the most colourful school in the country. It may be a bit challenging at times but we are all here to learn from each other and to support each other at every step of the way. Second time around we may be getting pretty good at learning from a distance. 

You are the seed to save the world.
Our earth has given us so much, what can we give back?

Just like last time we will be using Google Classroom and Seesaw for our distance learning which we are calling SPS Connect.  Our term two Inquiry, You are the seed to save the world. Our earth has given us so much, what can we give back?’ will continue.  We are aiming to provide a mix of online and offline learning that can be done with as much student engagement and independence as possible. 
We know that every whānau lives their lives differently to others for lots of reasons. For some families routine and structure is important and for others a more organic approach works best. At the end of the day we want to encourage our families to stick to what works best for you. However, to provide a sense of consistency of support and guidance, our teachers will be online each school day at the below set times to connect with your child/ren. The only set time that we hope all of the students will be available at the same time online is between 9 and 9.30 on every school day. We have other times where teachers will be online to support student learning on SPS Connect. See table below:

Years 3-8
To connect to Google Classroom, you will need your child's SPS email address and password.  If you do not have this, please contact your child’s teacher and they will provide it for you.  Go to edu.google.com, click on sign in and then enter child’s SPS email and password.  This will take them to their Room’s Google Classroom.  

Years 1-8
To connect to Seesaw at home, students in Years 1-4 will need their home learning code.  Students in Years 5-8 will use their SPS email and password.  If you do not have this, please contact your child’s teacher and they will provide it for you.  On a laptop or computer go to web.seesaw.me, click on login then select I’m a student and enter their home learning code in the text code box OR their email address and password (Year 5-8).  On a tablet or iPad download the app Seesaw CLASS and follow the above steps.

Most of you will be set up with connections and devices, ready to start Monday.  If you, or someone you know, does not have a device for your child, or a reliable internet connection please let us know ASAP. 
We will endeavour to make sure every student has a device to use. 

Be kind to yourselves:
We understand that everyone’s home is working differently at this time.  Some whānau are working from home, some whānau are caring for dependents, there are a range of family sizes and ages.  Please have student’s complete as many or a little as the SPS Connect learning activities as they are capable of.  Teachers are available at the above times to assist with any students requiring extra support. 
We are all learning together:
We will be continuing to evolve our SPS Connect learning plans based on feedback from our students, teachers and whānau.  Please continue to connect with your child’s classroom teacher to share what is working really well for you and what you need further support with.

Your key contacts are:
Your first contact for learning is nearly always your child’s teacher.  You can contact them via SeeSaw,  Google Hangouts during the contact times, or by email.
Shannon Swainston (Miss S) and Joan Maitland - If your child has been working with an outside agency (e.g. Hearing Nurse, Speech Language Therapist, SWiS, Resource Teachers) and you would like further support or information, please contact our Learning Support and Mutukaroa Coordinator, Shannon Swainston. Shannon can also help with food packages and wellbeing support. 
Esther Casey (Whaea Esther) - for help finding reading material and information for research and additional technical support
Dagmar Dyck (Whaea Dagmar) - for general support 
Whaea Barb for general support
Extra support:
If you need help with any school work, please get in touch with your class teacher, all our email addresses are on our website, or you can contact us through SeeSaw or Google Hangouts.  
We can also help you to access food packages if you need them, please contact your class teacher or Shannon Swainston, our Learning Support Coordinator. 
There are some excellent resources to help with your mental health on the new Getting Through Together website. 
We are using many tools and strategies the students are already familiar with now so we hope this transition will be easier than last time.  We will continue to see what works, what is a challenge and what is better than before. We love that we have such a supportive community to be on this journey with us.  Please keep in touch about how it is going for you.
Finally, consistency and a sense of purpose for our students is vitally important. We expect all students to be up and dressed ready to attend and participate in the class sessions every day. We expect too that they will complete all the wide range of learning activities that they have designed as well as  the activities that their teachers have planned for them. 
Let’s go Tamaki Makaurau! 

If your chromebook is broken please contact the office or pop in to school to get a replacement. Make sure to bring in your existing one with all its accessories including charger.

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