Sylvia Park School is a TravelWise school. We are at the beginning stages of creating a school wide Travel Plan that relates to our childrens safety of travelling to and from school.  We aim to work with all students, parents, the community and council to:

– Encourage students and parents to walk to school
– Decrease the amount of traffic surrounding our school
– Make children aware of road safety

The four main roads surrounding SPS that we need to focus on reducing traffic and promote road safety are: Hamlin Road, Aranui Road, Ruawai Road and the Mt Wellington Highway.

Check out TravelWise Achievements:

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Scoot Skills Day

On Wednesday the 17th April (last week of school) the Travelwise team is having a ‘Scoot Skills Day’ where students are allowed to bring their scooters to school. There will be special people training students on scooter safety to make them feel safe when scootin’ to school! Students are to park their scooters in the hall before school to keep them safe. We encourage you all to bring a helmet to wear!

Community Consultation

On Tuesday 9th April we held our Community Consultation. Each class had the chance to display two possible solutions that they thought were the best options to help road safety. These included improving the roads around our school, helping reduce traffic and/or encouraging students to walk, scoot or bike to school. A lot of the students and teachers also had the opportunity to vote.

It was fantastic to see everyone come out and support road safety around SPS!

Here are some photos from the day.

Just a reminder.

The Parking Wardens will be at Longford Street after school (2.30-3.30pm) so make sure you are picking up your children and parking in the right place! We encourage you ALL to park at Bean Place, Rayma Place or Keate Place to pick up and drop off your children so Longford Street is not congested. A busy street can be dangerous for our students who walk home. It would be fantastic to see more students walking to and from school which will help you avoid a surprise parking ticket!

 Planning For Real

On Tuesday 26th March the whole school took part in our ‘Planning For Real’ day. Each class had the chance to put down how they travel to school everyday on our big map from the Travelwise team. Each dot represents how students travel. The green dot means you walk to school, red – if you come in a car, blue – if you catch the bus or train and yellow – if you ride a scooter or bike.
It was great to see everyone take part in sharing how they travel to school. Here are some photos from the day!

Park and Walk day

Our ‘Park and Walk Day’ was held with great success after school on Tuesday 26th February. There was a great turn out with the alleyway overflowing with students and the road filled with parents who parked and waited for their children to arrive, enjoying a free coffee from The Coffee Guy! The SPS staff and Travelwise leaders were out in full force promoting and encouraging parents to park up on Rayma, Keate and Bean Place when picking up or dropping off their children at school.
We continue to encourage you all to park up by the alleyway between Bean and Keate Place as we are trying to reduce traffic on Longford Street as it can be very dangerous for our students.